Pitch This

pitch-this“What is this?” I asked myself as I listened to four episodes of Pitch This. Four episodes might sound like a lot but some episodes are as short as 6 minutes, and the longest I heard was about 15 minutes.

Generally this podcast is a comedy show, done in a news format, with Canadian political overtones, although the second show I listened to was an interview with comedian Christina Walkinshaw. While not hysterically funny, Pitch This did provide me with a few laughs. It is faced paced show with sound clips from TV, movies and such in between. That leads me to one complaint, and that is the sound quality. The sound levels are in need of fixing. I found myself turning up the podcast to hear Mad Dug and Anthony only to have a sound bite be way too loud. Also, I understand that the two of them are doing the fast pace newscaster thing, but sometimes they talked way too fast for me to catch what they were saying. This also could have been that I am also an American and Pitch This is a Canadian podcast and I assume the political humor is geared to a Canadian audience.

If you are looking for something quick and funny, you might want to give Mad Dug and Anthony’s Pitch This podcast.

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