Podcast Place Update

I must apologize for the lack of new postings on The Podcast Place. Mainly it was due to my main computer crashing, beyond repair. Also, family issues were involved. This is of really no concern of yours, but I thought I needed to offer and explanation. I wanted to assure you that The Podcast Place will not be shutting down, and, if fact, we are just getting going.

What’s new for 2010? Our hope is to get out podcast underway. The idea is to have a new audio podcast every Friday, which would be a combination of indie music and, of course, podcast reviews!

Thanks about it for now. I’ve got 2 podcasts to review

Metal Rules Radio and CrapCastic.Com
If you want to check these out before my review and let me know what you think, it might help. Feel free to email mw at

Jeff, The Podcast Master

January 22, 2010 • Posted in: A Word From Us