Proudly Resents Podcast Review

proudly_resentsWhen I listened to my second episode of Proudly Resents, I was very disappointed.

The first episode I listened to was one called Nicko Return (How Dare You?) with the charming and funny Nicko from Nicko And Joe’s Bad Film Club. It had me laughing very hard, especially when she did an English impersonation of Robert De Niro from Taxi Driver. The chemistry between Nicko and the Proudly Resents Host, Adam Spiegelman was wonderful.

Nicko isn’t a regular on the show. I don’t want to say that Adam doesn’t do a good job but I really enjoyed listening to Nicko. I’m over that now.

Seriously, the show is a look at really, really bad movies and TV. The show is created and hosted by Adam, and co-hosted by various comedians such as Todd Levin (Conan), Adam Felber (npr), Al Madrigal, Steve Agee and Chris Spencer. Some shows are interview and they even do comedy bits on occasion.

As a person who loves pointing out the flaws in movies I watch, Proudly Resents really appealed to me. While Adam might not have the best radio voice, he does a great job of hosting the show.

Another aspect of the show I like is the varying length of each episode, from 20 minutes to an hour. There is no, we need to fill an hour.

Nicko Crashes the “Night Train to Terror”

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