Psycomedia Podcast

Psycomedia is a comedy podcast dedicated to the funny side of psychological research. Hosts Timothy Swann and Ben Fell take a look at the crazy stuff that psychologists get up to when grappling with the mysteries of the human mind. Their quest takes them via silly jokes and clever studies, academic battles and remarkable findings to try and get their heads and hopefully yours around the science of brain and behaviour. But why take our word for its quality? Have some praise for Psycomedia from its listeners:

‘one of the most consistently intelligent, egotistical, pretty and of course, hilarious things out here on the internet’

‘Best psychology-based comedy podcast on the web’

‘consistently entertaining banter’

’solid informational tidbits focused through the crisp wit of Timothy Swann and Ben Fell.’


Psycomedia Episode 38 – Do Women Smell Better? Yes.

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