Review Request

Do you want the world famous Podcast Place to review your ground breaking podcast? We’ve got a few problems. The first problem is we don’t have the time. (By “we”, I mean “I”). Am I a hard worker with just too many projects going on right now, or just damn lazy! Well to be honest, Probably a little of both.

Another problem I have is I hate to be cruel when I write a review. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of bad shows out there. But if someone takes the time to product and publish a podcast on a regular bases, I really find if difficult spit on your work. And have you ever tried to listen to a bunch of bad shows?

But we can still help you with your show. You right the review and we will post it.

We will also encourage others post comments on your shows, and maybe the faceless Internet community can do the reviewing.

So send me your review of you podcast, links and all the good stuff. Oh, and also let me know if I can link to an episode.

Send a review of your show to

2 Responses to “Review Request”

  1. Derrick Shadowens - October 24th, 2009

    I just wanted to submit my podcast show for review.

    It’s title is Satan & the Lord and it is created and performed by me,
    Derrick Shadowens.
    and co written by Tim Stofan who should be given notice if possible.

    Thanks for your time!

    Derrick S.

  2. Wil McDermott - June 14th, 2010

    Hi there.
    My name is Wil McDermott and together with my friend Nicky Coghlan we produce a podcast every week called Nilpod.
    We’re coming up on our 70th episode.
    We choose a different theme each week and discuss it for about an hour. We also make two new theme tunes (based on the topic) each week.

    If you want to check it out you can find it on iTunes or

    Hope you like it if you get a chance to hear it.

    Wil McDermott.