Satan & the Lord Show Review

satan_lordThis is a movie review podcast hosted by, well, Satan and The Lord. Actually, they are two electronically altered voices, both, I believe, by creator Derrick Shadowens.

I listened to his most recent two show and I thought they were very good. His review were nicely done and well thought out. I really liked the information on each movie and he presented. The podcast were a good length, each one being just a little over a half hour. I listen to a lot of film review podcasts and this one could rank up there with the best, except for the voices.

I have no problem with Satan and God reviewing movies. It’s a funny idea. For some reason, those computer altered voices just get to me after a while. In fact, before I was even finished with the first show, I was getting tired of the two altered voices and kept thinking about how much I’d just prefer to here Derrick talk for himself. In my opinion, Derrick’s reviews could hold up entirely on its own.

I understand that the idea of Satan and The Lord hosting a movie review show is a concept to set this one apart from the other 1000 movie review podcasts. There were times that they two said things that made me laugh, but, and it could just be me, it’s something about the voice effect that I just find a put off.

Movie Reviews with the Prince of Darkness and the King of Kings. Listen or it may result in eternal damnation. Created by Derrick ShadowensFrom Satan & The Lord Webite

Give it a listen and see what you think, after all, things like this are subjective. Feel free to leave a comment and let me, Derrick and all the podcasting world know what you think.

Satan & The Lord Show Episode #7

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2 Responses to “Satan & the Lord Show Review”

  1. The Nobel One - November 24th, 2009

    I found this a very fun and inventive show with really
    unique comedy. It will be a keeper in my podcast list.
    So great to hear a show about movies that doesn’t take itself so serious.

  2. Parker - January 8th, 2010

    This show is F***ING FUNNY!
    LOVE IT!