Sean Green’s The Green Room

The Green RoomThe Green Room is a talk/comedy podcast from Sherman Oaks California hosted by Sean Green. Each show is about 50 minutes and is co-hosted by a guy named Logan.

The show is a conversation between Logan and Sean in which they talk about themselves and their own personal opinions on recent news stories. Since they are both comedians, they spice everything with a bit humor. Most shows have a guest can be a strange as a Hypno therapist but most times it is another comedian.

Like all comedy show that use personal experiences to wrap the humor around, it can be hit or miss and might depend on the listener. While I enjoyed this show and it did make me smile, I don;t think it will be for everybody. My advice to anyone who enjoys a good laugh is give this show a listen and see if it appeals to you.

Pop Culture, politics and personal stories or embarrassment the Green Room brings you face to face with the unique world of comedian Sean Green. The Green Room goes live Thursday nights at 8:00 Pacific on Visit for more info.iTune’s Podcast Description

The Green Room- Oct 08, 2009

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