Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby

Shut_up_timWhen I young child first learns that he will get a reaction from yelling a bad word, they will do it over and over again. The best thing to do it ignores the child and hope that he learns his current behavior is not the way to get attention.

The show I am reviewing is called Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby.

I really don’t have a problem with swearing at all. Yet, when I hear people who are obviously trying to be “shocking”, as if that is enough to be entertaining, I have to ignore the child.

This is show features a few friends who talk about Pop Culture, sex and whatever else they have on their mind. There were times I enjoyed this show but those time were few and far between. It seemed like every time this show began to be entertaining, one of the three would yell out something “shocking” a ruin what I was finding enjoyable.

Have you ever been around a bunch of young teenagers who are trying to one up each other with insults and “gay” references? Did you enjoy it? If so, this show might be for you.

I really thought that these hosts were all under 16 years old. I really did. Such of the talk sounded more like something a young virgin would say trying to impress his friends.

They do have some sort of trivia game they play as well.

Maybe it is just me. Maybe I’m just too old to unbiasedly review this podcast.

Like always, you should give this a try, but I will warn you that this is not for younger or more sensitive listeners.

Episode 72: Harry Pottercorn

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