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sock_monkey_soundI’ve got to love any podcast that promotes new, independent music, and since this podcast if from the same town that brought us Cheap Trick, how could I have anything bad to say. Hosted by Brandon Lutmer, Chip Copeland, and Pat Delehanty, this show features new, local music from the Rockford area.

Actually, I do have a complaint. While I can appreciate the live, unscripted feel to the show, there are times when, as a listener, I am left out of the conversation. Sometimes it’s because the joking and laughing isn’t necessarily shared with the audience, or some of the conversation is so far away from the microphone that one or two hosts get impossible to hear.

But the music was excellent, and that is the real reason to listen to a show such as this. I do feel that the interview with the band was a little confusing since at points so many people were talking and joking, I didn’t know who was who.

Give this show a listen, if for anything else, the great tunes

Episode 11: Riding the White Moose

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One Response to “Sock Monkey Sound Podcast”

  1. Chip Copeland - November 9th, 2009

    After Episode 11, the one included in this post, we really took a look at what we could do to improve the overall sound quality from episode to episode. Admittedly, this particular episode was a bit of a train wreck sound wise. We think we’ve worked out the kinks and encourage anyone to give us another shot if this one dissapointed.

    Thanks for the review.