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sunpernatural_existenceI’m going to finish my trip into the unexplained with one more paranormal podcast. The show is hosted by Byron Sanchez and he explores a wide range of topics, all in the supernatural topics such as ghost attacks, ouija board, crop circles, extraterrestrial contact, ghost hunting, mass consciousness, and much more.

I listen to show was SEP 37: Jeff Danelek – 2012, Ghosts, and Reincarnation, and the first things that stuck out at me, beyond the intelligent conversation between Byron and Jeff Danelek, was the more realistic view of 2012. If the show featured a typical History Channel view of trying to scare everyone for the sake of ratings, I might have turned it off. The two gave a more sensible view of the topic.

I can’t help but say, the skeptic in me made my eyes roll a few times, but that is just me personally not believing in many of the things talked about. I know many people do, and for them, they might find this podcast very interesting.

I host the podcast “Supernatural Existence,” a talk show discussing all kinds of things. I often host interviews on the show with guests who are actively involved in many different fields. The show also offers call in lines and emails from listeners, that way anyone can get their views on the program.
Byron Sanchez (From the Supernatural Existence website.

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