GeekScholars Movie News Podcast

GeekScholars Movie News is a weekly podcast highlighting film headlines, previews and reviews. Conceived by a former Washington, D.C. film critic, the GeekScholars crew are four film pundits, all of whom hold advanced graduate or terminal degrees in a variety of academic disciplines including the arts, business, education, economics, engineering, and medicine. Drawing upon their [...]

Basic Brewing Radio

English and Belgian Yeast Experiment
James, Steve, and Andy are joined by Danny Seeton and Matt Anderson, who have brought a yeast experiment to San Diego from north of the border.
Basic Brewing Radio

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MonsterTalk Podcast

Last week I review a bunch of podcasts that dealt with the Supernatural. This week I’ll go the opposite way and talk about a few podcasts that are closer to my heart, and that is those in the skeptical vain.
The first is a podcast called MonsterTalk. Now I came across this while looking for shows [...]

Conspiracy Theories & Urban Legends

There is so much pseudoscience out in the world, bad facts and figures, it makes it hard to know what’s real. Scam artist use these things  to sell magic jewelry and free energy solutions, others make money selling books or movies with much things as the Amityville Horror and people actually put their own heath [...]

Basic Brewing Radio – Mash and Lauter Efficiency

If you are a home beer brewing, you should be listening to Basic Brewing Radio. Go to the BAsic Brewing Radio site and not only will you find 5 years olf shows to listen to, but everything you need to know about home brewing.
Home brewer Kai Troester explains how to analyze all grain efficiency going [...]

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Skeptoid – FEMA Prison Camps

Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena is a weekly pro-science, anti-pseudoscience podcast.
FEMA Prison Camps
Today we’re going to have a look at more than 800 sites inside the United States, said by some to be prisons operated by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), for the purpose of holding as many as ten million American [...]

Movie Brain Rot on Watchmen

Movie Brain Rot Managed to scrape up someone who did not read the “Watchmen” for the “Pre” episode. Well, now we have done it again. Tom is back to tell us why he did or did not like the movie.
MBR 19 – POST-WATCHMEN- 2009-03-17 – Host: Jim DeSantisk
Go to the website to listen to the [...]

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Are You Way Past Cool?

Here’s the first thrilling episode of Way Past Cool with your host, ixnayray. Garage, Rockabilly, Surf & Rock’n’Roll – allow me to be the soundtrack to your latest crime spree. This episode features music from the Beguiled, the Daylight Lovers, Man… Or Astro-Man?, the Wise Men, Gene Vincent and more, more, more, baby!.
Way Past Cool [...]

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Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show

This week The Podcast Show review Historyzine, The Basil Bottler Show, and Podcast In Your Face.
The Podcast Review Show, Edgy Reviews from That Podcast Show, is a podcast produced by Imaginate Productions that reviews other podcasts on an overall scale of 1 to 5.
Edgy Reviews #66- 03-16-2009 – Hosts: Daniel and Jana



A Musical Autobiography of Mal Thursday

This autobiographical installment of The Mal Thursday Show tells the tawdry tale of Mal’s misadventures through the music of the Dictators, the Unband, Johnny Thunders, and more. Produced by JM Dobies in Living Monophonic Sound.
The Mal Thursday Show #13 – 03-16-2009 – Host: Mal Thursday

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