Consider This: Whatever We Call It

Consider listening to the Whatever We Call It, a weekly podcast with your hosts Jeb and Terence, two magical idiots what talk about things! All the news you never needed!
This comedy podcast is available both on iTunes and Sound cloud. Click on the link below to be taken to the Website
Whatever We Call It
Consider leaving [...]

Consider This: Coffee with Jeff

Consider listening to The Coffee with Jeff podcast.  Brought to you every Sunday from Gurnee, Illinois, Jeff splits the show into two halves. The first is a bit of comedy and perspective by Jeff, and the second is a true story from history told to the best of Jeff’s understanding. In between is a classic [...]

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The Wrong Foot

I listened to 3 episodes of The Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast before I wrote this review. I did so because I didn’t find the first one all that funny and wanted to give it a fair chance before I wrote this. Unfortunately, I did not find this show all that funny.
I was put off almost [...]

Horsetrack Hooligans

An Awful show… We apologize with all our hearts.
That is not my review but the description of the podcast that appears on iTune. The podcast creators provide these descriptions.
Jordan, Chris and Warren are the host of the humor talk show called Horsetrack Hooligans. The three of them have a nice, entertaining chemistry that I really [...]

Pitch This

“What is this?” I asked myself as I listened to four episodes of Pitch This. Four episodes might sound like a lot but some episodes are as short as 6 minutes, and the longest I heard was about 15 minutes.
Generally this podcast is a comedy show, done in a news format, with Canadian political overtones, [...]

The Nilpod Podcast

Nilpod is a podcast by Nicky Coghlan and Wil McDermott from Dublin, Ireland. Wil had emailed me asking if I would review their show. As he explained “I produce with a friend of mine, Nicky Coghlan. The podcast is called Nilpod and it’s a “clever” amalgamation of mine and Nicky’s forenames!”
Personally, I was just excited [...]

Coffee with Jeff

I can across this video podcast. Funny Stuff

You can visit the site to see more of these shows at

WireTap Comedy Podcast

I was in the mood to laugh today and so I found myself looking through the comedy podcasts on iTunes. That is where I found this little gem. It’s called Wiretap.
It is from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), which puts out many wonder podcasts. This one was a silly little show in which you host, [...]

Sean Green’s The Green Room

The Green Room is a talk/comedy podcast from Sherman Oaks California hosted by Sean Green. Each show is about 50 minutes and is co-hosted by a guy named Logan.
The show is a conversation between Logan and Sean in which they talk about themselves and their own personal opinions on recent news stories. Since they are [...]

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Angry & Cliff

Request from Cliff of the Angry and Cliff podcast.
Hi Jeremy,
I’d be really greatful if you reviewed our podcast, called Angry and Cliff. Me and Angry are two English guys who run this comedy podcast.
There were a few problems with this request. First, this was posted in the comment section of the “About Us” section on [...]