Michael Kaiser’s RadiOblivion #38

Of all the great shows on Garage Punk, by far my favorite one in RadiOblivion! Mr. Kaiser plays some of the best kick-ass rock and roll on the planet!
. . . listeners may experience a spot here or there where the vacuum of sound is partially broken up by some detectable levels of auditory stimuli [...]

Monster From the Surf (1965) from Uncle Yah-Yah

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a Garage Punk Podcast. I listen to them all and they are all grea but I always have t post about Uncle Yah Yah and the Haunted Shack Theater. his dude is out there!
Monster From the Surf (1965) and The Horror of Party Beach (1964) – The [...]

Garage Punk – The Deperate Hour

OK, I keep telling myself I am not going to write a post for every Garage Punk episode that comes out, since they come out just about every day, but I can’t help myself. They are that good! Rock and Roll!
The 30th episode of The Desperate Hour features the soothing sounds of the Demolition Dollrods, [...]

Garage Punk – Killed by Porn 56

June is here again; the time of the year that makes power pop relevant. The season and the kind of music that makes you want to wash the grease out of your hair and go into the shark-infested waters of love. Sink or swim, or a bit of both, Killed By Porn knows your filthy [...]

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Garage Punk – Way Past Cool 3

Well, howdy and welcome to the third installment of Way Past Cool! Ixnayray has done his best to compile another fine selection of crap, trash and noise to see you through the day. So I suggest you plug in that iPod or computer and get ready to have your eardrums shattered once again! In this [...]

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Music from Down Under

A new Garage Punk show called Down & Out Down Under, features the music from Australia & New Zealand. Hosted by Craig Regan, a.k.a. “The Barman,” brings us this rockin’ podcast feature nothing but great Rock and Roll!
Down & Out Down Under #1 – 05-21-2009 – Host: The Barman

To Visit the Garage Punk Hideout – [...]

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Japanese Rock and Roll with Mushi Mushi

Garage Punk, the best place to hear great Rock and Roll introduced a fantastic new podcast to their collection, Mushi Mushi. Hosted by Miss Snow Konnichiwa, you can hear the sounds from the East (well, Japan, that is). Naturally, they’ll be playin’ some’s, Supersnazz, Jackie and the Cedrics, the MAD3 and all of your [...]

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Photoshop – Rock and Roll and CSO

Three podcast’s for today.
First , the Photoshop Guys are back with another video podcast. Scott, Dave, and Matt were taping this episode live from the Photoshop World Expo Hall floor.
Next, for those who like a good ROCK N” ROLL podcast, Garage Punk premiers, The House of Wild Delights #1 with host The Screamin’ Soul Preacher!!! [...]

Rock and Roll and Horror Podcasts

A couple great move podcast were available today. Vince Rotolo and his friend Nic Brown talk about “The Man From Planet X” from 1951 on the B-Movie Podcast, while Desmond Reddick, from Dread Media interviews the legendary horror comic book artist Gene Colan and reviews the 1932 classic “Frankenstein”
From Garage Punk, Mel Thursday’s Florida Rocks [...]

Are You Way Past Cool?

Here’s the first thrilling episode of Way Past Cool with your host, ixnayray. Garage, Rockabilly, Surf & Rock’n’Roll – allow me to be the soundtrack to your latest crime spree. This episode features music from the Beguiled, the Daylight Lovers, Man… Or Astro-Man?, the Wise Men, Gene Vincent and more, more, more, baby!.
Way Past Cool [...]

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