Spider Baby on Dread Media

I’m a huge fan of Dread Media. I listen to every show as soon as it is available. Hosted by Desmond Reddick who is a teacher and a big horror fan, takes about every aspect to the horror Genre. I’m talking books, music, graphic novels, and, of course, movies.
The film reviews are my favorite part. [...]

Dread Media on “Let the Right One In”

In another massive episode of Dread Media, Desmond Reddick has a little help from his friends and family. Momma and Papa Dread join him for some light conversation before Darryll sits down with Des to review Let the Right One In. And, she is woman, hear her adore! Megan stops by to have a slightly [...]

100’s of new Sounds Added

Our sounds library is growing quickly. Check out some of these new sounds like:
Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii Spot 1
Ray Charles for Coke
1957 Chevy Radio Ad
Blacula Radio Spot
Blood Beast Radio Spot
And many more, all for free! Check out the Sounds Tab at the top of the page!

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Horror Addicts Podcast

A horror podcast for all horror writers, artists, musicians, gamers, and fanatics.

This podcast explorers all types of horror in the media. I listened to show 014, which is in the shows second season and is all about zombies. Hosted by Emerian Rich, it starts out with horror in the movies. Emerian is knowledgeable and knows [...]