The Best Way to Listen to Podcasts

I was wondering how you folks listen to your podcasts these days.
I still listen the old fashion way. I down load them to iTunes and sync them up to my ipod. I also have iTunes on my computer at work, and there I just listen to them straight from the computer.
I hear these days there [...]

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My iPod Doesn’t Show All Podcasts

I recently got a new computer. I had to resubscribe to all  my favorite podcasts. I came across an interesting problem. Even though I had a lot of episodes of podcasts in my iTunes directory, only the most recent would show up on my iPod. Here is the fix
Connect your iPod the your computer. In  [...]

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What’s The Deal With Podcasting?

It amazes me on how many people still don’t understand podcasting, or understand how important is in the world communication.
Never, in the history of the human race have we had a time like this in communication. For the first time, anyone can be a disk jockey, movie reviewer, political columnist, or just an entertainer, without [...]

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