Movie Brain Rot – Hey Will Ferrell, Get Lost!

This episode Jim and Tom talks about the A few films and a new theater in his neighborhood!.

In a slow news week, the Movie Brain Rot crew just talks films like G.I.Joe, Land of The Lost, The Changeling, & The Hangover. Of course, we still find time to argue the truly important shows on [...]

Star Wars Rot IV on Movie Brain Rot

This episode Jim talks about the original Star Wars fil, the one we original known as Star Wars but now called A New Hope.

We were a little late on the episode this week, so Tom and I decided to give you a double-packed issue. You can hear us argue about people who claim that [...]

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Movie Brain Rot on Watchmen

Movie Brain Rot Managed to scrape up someone who did not read the “Watchmen” for the “Pre” episode. Well, now we have done it again. Tom is back to tell us why he did or did not like the movie.
MBR 19 – POST-WATCHMEN- 2009-03-17 – Host: Jim DeSantisk
Go to the website to listen to the [...]

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Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

4 podcast’s to recommend today. Duke Eastwood plays some great rock and roll with Killed by Porn on Garage Punk, Dread Media does the new Friday the 13th, Quirks and Quarks does love, and last, we forgot to list one of our favorate podcast, Mondo Movie!
Out of the Vault, Into Your Ears #20

Garage Punk – [...]

Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

As my list of worthwhile podcasts grow, so does my amount of podcast I recommend. Today, a big five with listening to.
State of Mynd #15
Garage Punk – February 5, 2009
Host: Nick- -This episode features all the good tunes that have been swimming in Nick’s head lately. You’ll hear the likes of Q 65, New Colony [...]