Consider This: Coffee with Jeff

Consider listening to The Coffee with Jeff podcast.  Brought to you every Sunday from Gurnee, Illinois, Jeff splits the show into two halves. The first is a bit of comedy and perspective by Jeff, and the second is a true story from history told to the best of Jeff’s understanding. In between is a classic [...]

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The Desperate Hour #51

Looking for a great garage punk rock nd roll podcast? You should check out The Desperate Hour with Alex. The Desperate Hour Podcast will ooze out of your speakers.  Featuring tracks by Hasil Adkins, Arch Hall, Jr. and The Archers, Billy Childish and The Musicians of The British Empire and The Sonics. The [...]

MSI: Music Scene Investigation

MSI: Music Scene Investigation is not a fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence.  What is MSI: Music Scene Investigation? It is a music podcast in which 3 random indie songs are listened to for the first time, and critique in various aspects of songwriting, mixing, [...]

The Kitchen Sink Podcast

On this edition on Underbelly’s Friday Feature, I’d like to recommend The Kitchen Sink Podcast. This show is a music podcast hosted by Christopher, featuring a eclectic mix of music ranging from classic Rock and Roll , TV and movie themes, and whatever else you can imagine. The latest episode is called STFU (It’s Instrumental) [...]

Coffee with Jeff

I can across this video podcast. Funny Stuff

You can visit the site to see more of these shows at

This Week in Podcasting

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The Kitchen Sink
Website – Podcast
From 0 to kickass in no time flat. If it doesn’t rock [...]

The Crazy Sounds of Sonic Nightmare

This offering of Sonic Nightmares begins with pounding garage followed by some spicy Cajun which then morphs into raucous rhythm and blues with a pinch of punk ending up with scratchy Turkish freakbeat and a very rare Blind Willy Johnson track, all brought to you by four naked men on a hot summer afternoon. [...]

Kami Knake Does SXSW

Another great episode of Kami Knake’s Bands Under the Radar, this time featureing the bands for the 2009 South by Southwest festival!
BUTR #24 – 03-15-2009 – Host: Kami Knake
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Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

A Big three podcast’s are all I found worth listening to today. As always, I’m looking for suggestions,
Quirks & Quarks 2009-01-31
CBC Radio- January 31, 2009
No-Sweat Workout, Evolving Ant Avoidance, Swarming and Serotonin, Face to Face, Vampire Stars, Frog Leg Feeding Frenzy.
Dread Media 75 – February 2, 2009
In this fleshy episode of Dread [...]

Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

Only one podcast today worth listening to and it from the place that always has a podcast worth listening to, and that’s Garage Punk!
Get Drunk and Play Records #69

Garage Punk Podcast- January 30, 2009
Host: Brad X • HEY! It’s all drunken album cuts, lots of great shit here by Supernova, Oblivians, Sonics, Carbonas, the rest [...]

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