Podcasting 101

Here is a three part tutorial on podcasting I came across on Youtube!
Podcasting 101 – Part One

Podcasting 101 – Part Two

Podcasting 101 – Part Three

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When is a Podcast not a Podcast

I listened to a podcast called “Paranormal Radio” with Captain Jack and was all set to write my first bad review. As I began, I realized that what really bugged me was not so much the content, or the voices, but the idea that this show should be called a podcast. What “Paranormal Radio” [...]

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Dan Benjamin’s Podcasting Equipment Guide

I’ve been looking into equipment to begin my podcasting career. I found this wonderful article by Dan Benjamin. If you have any thought;s as far as equipment for a Mac user, let me know.
Podcasting Equipment Guide

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What is “The Podcast Place”?

Today, instead of reviewing a podcast, I’d like to talk about this site.
Since the creation of broadcast media, the business in suits, and government censorship have ruled over everyone’s personal freedom. With computers, the internet, and finally podcasting, that all has changed!
So now with the freedom of expression that podcasting allows, it also creates the [...]

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Uncle Arnold’s Podcast Tips 1 & 2

I’m listing to a podcast called CoffeeJunkee’s Cafe’ and within five minutes I came up with 2 imporant tips.
1. Umm. I know broadcasting 101 says that dead air is bad, but mumbling “Umm” is not the solution
2. Have enough microphones for everyone.

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How to Create Your Own Podcast

As a person who has yet to make a podcast, although it’s in the works, I am no expert. I can, as a person who listens to hundreds of them, give you one thing to consider. Your subject! It must be something you are really interested and you also must think about how many others [...]

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The Dirty Truth About Podcasting

Now that is a New Year, The Podcast Place is going to go into full force.  And before I get started with this rant, I will point out the I know I haven’t posted in weeks and, after reading this, I might seem a little hypocritical. I will defend myself in saying that this site [...]

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10 Steps to Better Podcasting

I am becoming a podcast junkie. I listen to podcast’s at work and in the car. One can find many wonderful, well-produced, professionally executed programs to listen to at their convenience. Unfortunately, good podcasts are the exception, not the rule. Here are a few rules podcasters should think about before putting lips to microphone.
Rule 1: [...]

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