Kevin Smith: Podcasting saved my career

Here is an interesting CNN article in which the writer/director of such films as Clerks and Dogma talks about his new passion, podcasting.
Filmmaker Kevin Smith: Podcasting saved my career

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Just What is a Podcast Anyway?

Here is a really good article from How Stuff Works explaining podcasts. The article features an Introduction to Podcasting, Podcasting History, Listening to Podcasts, Creating Podcasts, Video Podcasts and Lots More Information

How Podcasting Works
by Stephanie Watson

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Tom and Rafe Talk Podcasting

Tom and Rafe from CNET talk podcasting. The Real Deal 136: Podcasting
Tom Merritt and Rafe Needleman do a real good job of discussing everything about the subject.

Looking for U.K. Podcast Reviewers!

Are you one of the people who obsessively listen to podcasts? Are you across the pod in merry old England? Would you like to review podcasts for The Podcast Place? What’s in it for you, you ask? Nothing but the joy in knowing you’ve helped dozens of others find this independent form of expression. [...]

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What’s The Deal With Podcasting?

It amazes me on how many people still don’t understand podcasting, or understand how important is in the world communication.
Never, in the history of the human race have we had a time like this in communication. For the first time, anyone can be a disk jockey, movie reviewer, political columnist, or just an entertainer, without [...]

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Who Picks the Podcasts?

I received an email the other day by a regular visitor of The Podcast Place, who asked my how I decide what podcasts I feature on this site.
I tend to comment on those podcast that interest me. Does that sound a little unfair? It is! Here is the thing, however, I don’t have time to [...]

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