Shut Up Tim!: A Podcast By Robby

When I young child first learns that he will get a reaction from yelling a bad word, they will do it over and over again. The best thing to do it ignores the child and hope that he learns his current behavior is not the way to get attention.
The show I am reviewing is called [...]

The Chronic Rift Podcast

Request from The Chronic Rift’s John S. Drew.
I’d like to bring my podcast to your attention. It’s called The Chronic Rift, a podcast on pop culture that focuses on science fiction and fantasy. We do three types of episodes a month – a round table discussion on a variety of topics featuring a [...]

The Big Red Podcast

Pop Culture Examined
Before I begin talking about this podcast, I’d like to talk about how I came across this one, The Big Red Podcast.  I sat down with my cup of Papa Nicholas Coffee, turned on ESPN and thought, “I’d like to find a good comedy podcast to review. I went to Podcast Alley [...]

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