The 2009 Show Review

2009_showI received another podcast review request from a Richard Stelling. It simply said, “If you’re looking for shows to review…” That was it. Just dot dot dot with links to the podcast. Of course I downloaded a few shows.

My usually way of doing things is to download the latest episode of any podcast I plan to review. This time, however, I decided to start at Episode 1. Why? I’m not sure. It just seemed like the way they were numbered, they should be listened to them in order. This was not necessary.

The 2009 show is hosted be Richard and his partner, Russell Mulligan, two Englishmen who talk and rant with a great sense of humor. I listened to the first three podcasts and all three I enjoyed. My favorite is when they did a rant about CIA deaths in the series “24”.

The basic format seems to be talk for a few minutes; a guitar riff plays loudly and then more talk. In general, the shows are 20 to 25 minutes long, which seems to be the perfect length.

The only complaint I have is the sound quality. It sounds as if they don’t talk directly into the microphone but wonder away and back. Sometimes I can barely hear one or both of them and have to crank the volume up and this can be a little disturbing when on of the loud guitar riffs suddenly jumps out. I listen a lot while driving, so maybe listening at home the experience will be much better.

I think this might be one of those shows in which you would need to appreciate Russ and Rich. Luckily I do and I think I’ll be listening to this show regularly.

Season 2: Season 3 – Jun 18 2009

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