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chronic_riftRequest from The Chronic Rift’s John S. Drew.

I’d like to bring my podcast to your attention. It’s called The Chronic Rift, a podcast on pop culture that focuses on science fiction and fantasy. We do three types of episodes a month – a round table discussion on a variety of topics featuring a pro and a fan in the field of the topic, a spotlight episode where we interview someone in the various genres, and a review episode. We have also done special episodes from time to time, one featuring music performed by up and coming musical acts, an audio drama written by one of our listeners and performed by the members of the Rift, and an episode where we played Match Game. We record our episodes online using Skype to connect with our guests and each other.

The Chronic Rift has a very professional quality that is almost too good to be a podcast. Hosted by John, he is joined by Keith, Judy, Andrea, Orenthal, Dave, RhymePhile, Derrrick and Jay, it is a show that any pop culture fan would enjoy.

Each show has a theme, such as the 2009 Fall TV Preview, Audio Dramas on the Internet or a Spotlight on Bill Corbett and is discussed with insight and intelligence. This is not one of those podcast with a couple of wisecracking guys who attempt to be funny and whacky. While the personalities on Chronic Rift may go into occasional banter about their personal lives, most of the talk is about the subject of the show, which is discussed with insight and intelligent. This is not always the case with pop culture shows. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few laughs now-and-again.

These are geeks, if that matters to you. I heard talk of MST3K and Star Trek with the voice of a die-hard fan. I’m not complaining, since I am a bit geekish myself.

I ended up listening to three of the shows and enjoyed everyone. I would recommend you give this one a try.

More Than Meets the Eye – Aug 23 2009

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