The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema

When I first listened to The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema, or the GGTMC as it is referred to, I was impressed. The hosts, Big Willy and The Samurai, separate themselves from an Internet filled with movie review podcasts mainly by their great knowledge of film and filmmakers. It is hard for me to explain the type of films that The GGTMC review but their website says

“The Gentlemen’s Guide to Midnite Cinema is a podcast discussing all films genre related; we cover everything from horror to Wuxia, samurai films to art house films, women in prison films to blaxploitation, direct to video 80’s action films to spaghetti westerns, Kung-Fu to Polizia films and everything in between.. Join Big Willy and The Samurai as they bring class to the trash…”

For a while I really enjoyed the show but as time went on…

The lack of professionalism on the show began to get to me. I understand that a laid back, carefree feel to a podcast can be used to great effect but I’ve heard them eating dinner while doing the show, dealing with kids, getting pizza and more. Seriously, one of them actually went out to pick up a pizza for his family while he was doing the show. Come on now, you are doing a show and I personally don’t want to hear you eat dinner as you talk.

Look, I understand you have families and it may be hard to get time to yourself but you also have to respect your audience. I feel these two would be a lot better off to find a time when they will not be interrupted and if they are, do some editing. If you have a family emergency, stop the recording and begin again when you have time to concentrate on the show. If you need to eat, do it before, or after or pause the show until you get done!

Anyway, if you are a hardcore film fan who loves trashy cinema and you don’t find two guys who eat and deal with their families while doing the show annoying, this might be the show for you. For me, I gave it up after the feeling disrespected once to often by Big Willy and The Samurai’s casual recording style.