The Kitchen Sink Podcast

Kitchen-Sink-PodcastOn this edition on Underbelly’s Friday Feature, I’d like to recommend The Kitchen Sink Podcast. This show is a music podcast hosted by Christopher, featuring a eclectic mix of music ranging from classic Rock and Roll , TV and movie themes, and whatever else you can imagine. The latest episode is called STFU (It’s Instrumental) and, as the title implies, is all instruments. I heard great tunes I had not heard in a while, such as Rush’s YYZ, Boston’s Foreplay, Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Little Wing as well as so many theme songs and stuff I’ve never heard before. Christopher does a great job of mising it all together, adding a few sounds bites in once in a while for laughs.

New episodes of the Kitchen Sing Podcast does not come out too often but when they do, I look forward to them.

STFU (It’s Instrumental)

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