The Nilpod Podcast

NilpodNilpod is a podcast by Nicky Coghlan and Wil McDermott from Dublin, Ireland. Wil had emailed me asking if I would review their show. As he explained “I produce with a friend of mine, Nicky Coghlan. The podcast is called Nilpod and it’s a “clever” amalgamation of mine and Nicky’s forenames!”

Personally, I was just excited to get an email from Dublin!

Anyway, they’ve been doing the show for over two year, doing a show a week. This definitely shows a commitment, which is one of my first criteria for a review.

The show is the basic, two guys talking about whatever is on their mind, with personality and humor. This is a common format that is very dependent on the personalities of the host and their chemistry. In my opinion, these two really work together well and I really enjoyed the three episodes I listened to. While I didn’t hear any structure to speak of, a show such as this doesn’t need one. Will said they have known each other for over 10 years and that comes across.

Each show has a topic and I’ve got to be honest, I forgot about the topic a few minutes into the show. They also answer viewer mail.

While the Nipod Podcast is of an adult nature, I didn’t find it unnecessarily crude.

I also like that they create two new theme-based songs for the intro and outro of each episode.

I am waiting for the Murder She Wrote video. (Show 109)

This might be one of those shows that you might enjoy it the more you listen to it, as you get to know the hosts.

Episode 110 = The Elements

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