The Old Oilhouse Podcast

Disclaimer: Reviewer not qualified to review podcast: I always run into a problem when I run into podcast whose contents I don’t feel qualified to review. The following is one of these shows. I don’t know anything about the follow subject.

old_oilhouseThe Old Oilhouse podcast is a show that was originally about Transformers but now is about, well, I’m not really sure. The show I listened too seemed to focus on He Man and the Masters of the Universe. I think if subjects such as Transformers, Thundercats, He Man, and that short of thing appeal to you, you might enjoy this show. I read through a bunch of episode descriptions on the Old Oilhouse website and due to my ignorance on the subject matter, I was just as lost.

The shows are very well put together and the hosts are really passionate and knowledgeable (as far as I can tell), about the topics they talk about and have a sense of humor. The shows are, however, a bit long for me, some over 2 hours long

I found the names of the episodes on iTunes confusing. I wasn’t sure of all the shows were part of the same series or if there were several different shows. If I had one bit of advice, it would be to come out with a consistent naming structure

Bottom Line: While this is not a show I’d be listening too, if you are into Transformers and the like, you might want to give this show a listen.

RT Ep 29 – MOTU Classics Bios

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