The Red Bar Radio Podcast – Review


This podcast is out of Chicago and is done live every Wednesday night by Mike and Dean, who “make fun of everybody”. Each show is 2 hours long, which for me is a little long for a podcast, and is definitely not for everybody.

The Internet and Podcast allow anybody to express themselves to the masses and we are no longer restricted or censored by the government or huge corporations. Anybody with a microphone and an Internet connection can say and do whatever they want. Depending on who’s listening, this can wither be a good or bad thing.

That is the exact problem you might find with this podcast. If you love crud and rude talk filled with swearing and none “PC” conversation, you’ll find this show wonderful. On the other hand, if you are offended, or just don’t appreciate such talk, you might cure the day the founding fathers gave us the freedom of speech.

This podcast is available from itunes or from the Red Bar Radio Website.

Here is the 01-01-09 show: