The Wrong Foot

Wrong_FootI listened to 3 episodes of The Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast before I wrote this review. I did so because I didn’t find the first one all that funny and wanted to give it a fair chance before I wrote this. Unfortunately, I did not find this show all that funny.

I was put off almost immediately do to the constant distortion of the dialogue.  This was something I just couldn’t figure out the point of the strange effects on the voices, which got so bad at some points that I could not understand what was being said. I thought for a minute that maybe it was one person doing all the voices and that is why this was done, but I was wrong. The show features the talents of 10 people. The only thing I can thing of is it was a gimmick done to be different. If I was part of The Wrong Foot, I’d ask myself if this really adds anything to the show or does it just irritate the audience.

I’d also like to point that strange, weird or different does not necessarily mean funny. And The Wrong Foot Comedy Podcast was strange and weird but I didn’t find it funny. Many of the sketches seem to just meander around, not really doing anywhere, and not making me laugh. There were moments when the show did get amusing but those were few and far between.

You know, comedy is a very subjective thing. While I didn’t find this show funny, you might. The show is only about 30 minutes long and you might want to give it a try. If you think it is funny, please leave a comment.

EP010–Wrong Foot Size Ten

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