Today’s Podcasts For Your Listening Pleasure

Only two podcasts today. The first one is for music lovers.

Sonic Nightmares #21

The Truth Network- January 22, 2009

Hosts: Gringo Starr, Reverend Beat-Man, Brother Panti-Christ & El Tiki

In this era of disinformation who can you count on for reliable facts concerning the Garage-Punk world? The Sonic Nightmares crew will attempt to help clear away the nonsense by taping this episode from the central newsroom of The Truth Network!


This one is for Internet Lovers.

net@night with Amber and Leo #84 January 22, 2009

Hosts: Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte

Socialtext, inauguration Photosynth and other sites, SMARTBoard Lessons, and more. Guest: Ross Mayfield of Socialtext