Travel with Rick Steves

travel-rick-stevesLooking to take a trip? You may want to listen to Travel with Rick Steves.

This podcast is a very well done, professional travel show. Rick as been doing a popular travel series in America on public television, he’s wrote books, hosted a weekly hour-long national public radio show, and a weekly column syndicated by the Chicago Tribune.

While this show is a fantastic travel show, it is not a true podcast. From what I can tell, it is Rick’s public radio show put out as a podcast. This being said, I am not going to review it as I normally would. Steve is a great host, the show is wonderfully produced, as well as it should since it is professionally created.

Travel with Rick Steves is a weekly hour long show that explores every aspect of particular travel destination. Filled with interviews and information, it is more that just a “What to see when you get there” type program. It is filled with facts and opinions of the people and culture as well as sights to see.

I think Travel with Rick Steves will appeal to those that love to travel the world, or even those that just want to learn about other places and cultures.

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