Uncle Arnold’s Podcast Tips 1 & 2

I’m listing to a podcast called CoffeeJunkee’s Cafe’ and within five minutes I came up with 2 imporant tips.

1. Umm. I know broadcasting 101 says that dead air is bad, but mumbling “Umm” is not the solution

2. Have enough microphones for everyone.

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One Response to “Uncle Arnold’s Podcast Tips 1 & 2”

  1. CoffeeJunkee - December 24th, 2009

    You are absolutely correct sir!… Unfortunately ummm has become a part of my speach pattern over the years because as a child I had a stammering problem and slight stutter, this was how I self corrected it. Now it really pops up when I get nervous, and being basically a shy person anyway, I would tend to get a little nervous whie recording and fall back on old habits, hence the frequent “ummm” As far as the microphones, well when you’re working from a 5 yr old Dell laptop with one mic jack, you kinda work with what you got.

    Sorry you didnt like the show, The Cafe’ closed up shop a few months ago, but, thanks for giving us a listen.

    David “CoffeeJunkee” Mason