We Are Not Alone

we_are_not_aloneWhen I first received a request to review this podcast, I thought, Oh no, not another show trying to convince me in flying saucers. And then I actually read the request!

“Just dropping you a line to see if you would be interested in listening to our 1950s Sci-Fi themed sketch comedy podcast?” – Lisa Thrower.

I found We Are Not Alone to be a wonderfully funny podcast. It had me laughing for most of the show. The only problem I had was that it being an podcast from the UK, some of the humor was lost to me being from the USA. That was only occasionally, most of the time the comedy came across perfectly. There was one more problem, there were only 6 of them. Once I finished all six, I wanted to hear some more.

Each episode is just under 30 minutes, which I like, and is very fast paced. It is one skit after another, with a main bit running throughout, all with a 1950 Science fiction twist.

I have subscribed to We Are Not Alone and am looking forward to season 2.

Episode 6-The Ambling Strain

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