We Hate Movies

We-hate-moviesI listen to a lot of movie review podcast. I heard good ones and bad ones. I thought I had heard every different kind of cinema show. Not True!

We Hate Movies is a weekly podcast by Private Cabin, a comedy arts collective. If I might be so bold to guess, these gentleman don’t hate movie, they only hate bad movies. From what I heard on this podcast, they hate really bad movies.

These folks take one horrible film per episode and for about an hour discuss what makes the film so bad.

The members of the cast, Andrew Jupin, Eric Szyszka, Stephen Sajdak & Chris Cabin all seem to have a wonderful sense of humor as they talk cinema and had me laughing many times. I listened to the two-part episode featuring Superman 3 and Superman 4.

Our panel and host include an array of NYC comedy folk ranging from regular improvers at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, a low-level grunt from Late Night with Conan O’Brien, screenwriters, Critical Film Studies graduates, and even an online film critic. We joke about the world’s worst and explore the ‘world’ of a bad movie. We get into character motivations, absurdity in plots, and go into interesting, funny, and informative tangents. - Eric Szyszka

I have subscribed to this podcast and I think you should give it a listen!

trong>Episode 17 – Deep Impact!

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