What is a Podcast RSS Feed?

microphoneYou’ve been working for a while and created a nice podcast in Mp3 format and maybe posted it on you website. The next step it make it available for subscription on itunes and maybe Podcast Alley. You quickly find you can not just send them your Mp3 file. Nope. Apple does not host any of the information that you can download from itunes. What they needs is a valid RSS file from you.

What is a RSS feed?
RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This documents contains all the information of you podcast cast such as where it can be found, publishing dates, who created it and some sort of summary.

Why use a RSS feed?
Could you just post an Mp3 file to your blog and let users download it whenever they want? Sure, but it’s not recommended. You see, even if a listener really enjoys your show, are they going to come back over and over again to see if a new show is available. Believe me, most won’t. And let’s face it, most podcasters don’t keep a regular schedule and you can’t very well expect an audience to keep coming back to you site hoping you have a new show. But if people can subscribe to the podcast, just connecting to the Internet will automatically download they show.

How to I create an RSS feed.
There are many software packages you can purchase to do the work for you but you can find free podcast RSS feed generator on the web, such as TD Scripts.com podcast RSS feed generator. Just do a search for “RSS feed” for others.. I would recommend that you learn how to write it yourself. If something did go wrong, and from what I’ve heard in other podcasts, they will, you would know how to fix the problem. About.com has a complete step-by-step tutorial on how to create a RSS Feed.

But I an Entertainer, not a geek!
That is the great problem with any of the new world of the Internet. We all must be both P.T. Barnum and Thomas Edison, or, if you are lucky, be one or the other and find a partner that is the other.