Who Picks the Podcasts?

I received an email the other day by a regular visitor of The Podcast Place, who asked my how I decide what podcasts I feature on this site.

I tend to comment on those podcast that interest me. Does that sound a little unfair? It is! Here is the thing, however, I don’t have time to review them all, so I limited to those that I listen too. I like old movies, poker, music and music, so most of my efforts fit into these categories. Not all, but most. Though I am willing to put a review for any podcast on my blog, if someone is willing to write it.

But there are some podcast will never get reviewed.

What I loved about podcasting is the fact anyone can create one. With just a computer and a mic, anybody can get their voice out to the masses without a huge budget or corporate sponsor. Therefore, any podcast done by a large, corporate business, like an ESPN podcast or HBO are not expectable.

This blog is limited to independent podcasts! I don’t mind sponsors, in fact having a sponsor is a wonderful thing, but doing you own thing and making a few bucks is one thing, but working for Disney or NBC is another. Most of these podcasts are just promos for other things anyway.

If you know of a podcast that you think the masses should hear, or you create one, let me know. No promises, but we will do out best to spread the word.




April 6, 2009 • Tags:  • Posted in: A Word From Us, Podcasting Tips