WireTap Comedy Podcast

wiretap_podcastI was in the mood to laugh today and so I found myself looking through the comedy podcasts on iTunes. That is where I found this little gem. It’s called Wiretap.

It is from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), which puts out many wonder podcasts. This one was a silly little show in which you host, Jonathan Goldstein takes a bunch of calls from friends, relatives and strangers  all to a very funny outcome.

CBC Radio presents the WireTap Podcast! Enter the world of Jonathan Goldstein. You wouldn’t want to live there, but it’s a hell of a place to visit. – iTunes Description

The show is obviously scripted and the humor might be considered dry. You won’t hear a bunch of swearing and crudeness like I hear on so many other comedy podcasts. For the most part this was pretty clean and still funny, which is rare now-a-days. And while I don;t have a problem with crude langage, it seems many podcasters thing that is the only way to be funny. Not this one. The shows are a nice length of under a half hour. Check it out!

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